Selecting the perfect wine to match every course can sometimes be frustrating and if we dare to say sometimes even overrated! Pairing food and wine is all about maximizing your dinning experience and letting the one compliment the other.

The wines in our cellar have been carefully selected to do just that.
To make things easier we have categorized our wines to help you make a selection from each category which are balanced and paired with each course or menu.

But don't forget your drinking preferences come before anything else, for any help or more information about any of our wines feel free to contact us.

Light bodied , aromatic, and fruity white wines

Mantineia Bosinakis ’13 PDO Mantineia 14 €
Malagouzia Mylonas ’13 PGI Attica 13 €
Malvazia Karavitakis’13 Locall Wine of Chania,Malvazia 15 €
Young Vines Thymiopoulos’12 PDO Naousa, Xinomavro 14 €
Spinas Muscat Strataridakis’13 PGI Herakleion, muscat 15 €
Lenga Avantis Estate’13 Local Wine of Evia, gewürztraminer 18 €
Prinos Diamantakis’13 Local Wine of Herakleion, Malvaziα, Chardonnay 14 €

Medium bodied, zesty and acidic white

Theon Dora Stylianou’13 PGI Crete, Vidiano, Vilana, Thrapsthiri 16 €
Plyto Lyrarakis’13 Local Wine of Herakleion, Plyto 15 €
Lihnos Dourakis’13 Local Wine of Chania, Vidiano 14 €
Santorini Hatzidakis’13 PDO Santorini, Asyrtiko 19 €
Wild Ferment Gaia Estate’13 PDO Santorini,Asyrtiko 0 €
Robola of Chefalonia Gentilini’13 PDO Chefalonia, Robola 16 €
Sauvignon Blanc Aidarinis’13 Local Wine of Goumenissa 16 €

Full bodied, rich and oaky whites

 Aspros Lagos Douloufakis’13 PGI Crete Oaked Vidiano 19 € 
Domain Katsaros’13 PGI Krania, Chardonnay 22 €
Estate Argyros’13 PDO Santorini, Asyrtiko oak fermented 22 €
Roussanne Manousakis’13 Local Wine of Chania 22 €
Ovilos Biblia Chora’13 Local Wine of Pangaio, Semillion, Asyrtiko 22 €


 Enotria Douloufakis’13 PGI Herakleio, Kotsifali, Syrah 9 €
Pink Manousakis’13 PGI Chania, Grenache, Syrah 14 €
Rose de xinomavro Thymiopoulos’13 PDO Naousa, Xinomavro 13 €
Theopetra Estate’13 PGI Meteora, syrah, limniona 14 €
 Kudos Dourakis’13 PGI Chania, carignan 14 €

Light bodied, fresh, delicate and acidic red wines

Dafnios Douloufakis’12 PDO Dafnes, Liatiko 12 €
Theopetra Estate’10 PGI Meteora, Limniona 21 €
Pinot Noir Papaioannou’12 Local Corinthian Wine 15 €
 Kudos Dourakis’10 PGI Chania, Carignan 15 €

Medium bodied, fruity, and soft red wines

Theon Dora Stylianou’07 PDO Peza, Kotsifali, Mandilari 20 €
Mandilari Lyrarakis Plakoures’10 PGI Crete, Mandilari 15 €
Kotsifali-Syrah Strataridakis’10 PGI Heraklieo, Kotsifali, Syrah 15 €
Nemea Lantides Estate’12 PDO Nemea, St George 15 €
Milea Estate Merlot’11 Local Wine of Pilio, Merlot 18 €
 Sangiovese Karavitakis’09 Local Wine of Chania, Sangiovese 21 €

Full bodied, rich, and tannic red wines

Νostos Manousakis’10 PGI Chania, Syrah 20 €
 Megas Oinos Skouras’10 Local Wine of Peloponese, st. george, cabernet 24 €
Gentilini Eclipse’11 PDO Chefalonia, mavrodaphne 21 €
Mavrotragano Sigalas’12 PDO Santorini, Mavrotragano 35 €
Ghi ke Ouranos Thymiopoulos’09 PDO Naousa, Xinomavro 25 €

Sparkling wines 

 Κaranikas Brut Cuvee Special Local Wine of Florina, xinomavro 20 €
 Akakies Kir-Yianni Estate PDO Amyndeo, xinomavro demi-sec roze 18 €
Moscato d’ifesta Chatzigeorgiou PDO Limnos, Muscat 16 €
Prosecco Brut Spumante Bianco-Nero 12 €
Moscato d’ Asti Murray 14 €

Premium Greek wines

 Kormilitsa Tsandalis Dry Red, Cabernet sauvignon, Limnio 65 €
 1879 Boutari Legacy Dry Red, Xinomavro 45 €
Tessera ‘4’ Aivali Estate’10 Dry Red, St. George 85 €
 Pyrgos Hatzidakis’11 Dry White, Asyrtiko 55 €
Nyhteri Sigalas’12 Dry White, Asyrtiko 60 €
Argyros Estate Vinsanto 20years Sweet White, Asyrtiko 80 €
Hortais Merkouri Sweet Red, Mavrodaphne 55 €


 Malvazia di Candia Aromatica Douloufakis’12 Local wine of Herakleio 18 €
 Muscat de Lemnos Hatzigeorgiou PGI Limnos , Muscat 17 €
Santo Wines Vinsanto’04 PDO Santorini, Asyrtiko 26 €
 Aureo Efrosini Estate PDO Crete, Liatiko 20 €
Samos Anthemis’95 PDO Samos, Muscat 17 €
Liastos Karavitakis PGI Crete, Romeiko 36 €